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bernieh - Win a copy of the AvP game!
Win a copy of the AvP game!

Contest time! This one's a biggie. Sega's given me 5 copies of the Aliens vs. Predator video game to give away - your choice of console (PS3 or Xbox 360... sorry, PC gamers)! Yo that's a $59.99 value each.

All you gotta do is choose one of the following two options (and do it up to 3 times over the course of the contest):

Option 1: Twitter
First, follow me at @bernieh. Then, post a link to your favorite episode of aLp, and include this hashtag and link at the end:


So, here's an example of a valid tweet:

My favorite aLp episode! #AvP

Option 2: Facebook
First, become a fan at the aLp Facebook page. Then on that page, click on the "Reviews" tab, click on one of the stars (1-5), paste a link to your favorite episode of aLp, and include this link at the end:

So, here's an example of a valid post:

My favorite aLp episode!

Enter up to 3 times...

The contest'll run until Friday, April 9. It's split up into 3 segments:

- Tue, 3/30 - Fri, 4/2
- Sat, 4/3 - Tue, 4/6
- Wed, 4/7 - Fri, 4/9

During each segment you can execute one of the above two options to enter (if you do both during the same segment, it'll count as only one entry). At the end of the contest the 5 winners will be chosen from the entries at random, so the more times you enter, the better chance you have of winning (up to 3 -- 1 per segment).

Have fun, good luck and thanks!

Also don't forget to check out the review of the game I did for Comics Alliance.

Disclaimer: I had a few reservations about using a contest to up my Twitter followers n' all that, but some friends have been telling me to just go ahead with it. aLp's a business and a brand, and it goes with the territory. A PR buddy of mine also suggested it so that's my other excuse. Hope that's cool!

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sweet_hedonia From: sweet_hedonia Date: March 31st, 2010 03:15 am (UTC) (Link)
Cool, hell. Why wouldn't you use every reasonable method to gain exposure? I don't have a game console, so I'm not really interested in the contest, but I'll pimp aLp on Facebook. Just because it's awesome.
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