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aLp 327: Speed Dating 18 - bernieh
aLp 327: Speed Dating 18

SPEED DATING BREAK! I thought we could all use an interlude in the middle of all the exposition-heavy eps. The storyline returns next week; the next comic's already written so hopefully I can get on ahead of my schedule for once.

HEY, come see me at the MoCCA Art Festival next weekend, April 10 & 11! I'll be sittin' with the Topatoco crew, along with some of the way coolest artists in webcomics, including Ryan (Dinosaur Comics), Jeph (Questionable Content), Andrew (MS Paint Adventures), Chris (Dr. McNinja), Kate (Hark! A Vagrant), and David (Wondermark)! I'll have t-shirts and magnets for sale, and I'll even be debuting some new prints (hopefully)! I don't get to do a lot of cons, which is a shame since I always love meeting you guys. So come say hi!



I posted the news yesterday - I've got 5 copies of the Aliens vs. Predator video game to give away in a new contest - your choice of console (PS3 or Xbox 360)! Entering for your shot to win is a piece o' cake!

Good luck!
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just_a_car From: just_a_car Date: March 31st, 2010 09:23 pm (UTC) (Link)

Missed the speed dating posts.

...and yes, the current plotline was kinda dragging, but I can't complain, since you're actually posting and I'm ecstatic about it!
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