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aLp 328: Radical Option - bernieh
aLp 328: Radical Option

Whew! This one took work.

I'm just gonna remind you of some exciting stuff I told you about last week:

1. I'll be at MoCCA Art Fest in NYC this weekend!

Come see me at the MoCCA Art Festival this weekend, April 10 & 11! I'll be sittin' with the Topatoco crew, along with some of the way coolest artists in webcomics, including Ryan (Dinosaur Comics), Jeph (Questionable Content), Andrew (MS Paint Adventures), Chris (Dr. McNinja), Kate (Hark! A Vagrant), and David (Wondermark)! I'll have t-shirts and magnets for sale, and I'll even be debuting some new prints (hopefully)! I don't get to do a lot of cons, which is a shame since I always love meeting you guys. So come say hi!


I've got 5 copies of the Aliens vs. Predator video game to give away in a contest - your choice of console (PS3 or Xbox 360)! THE CONTEST ENDS THIS FRIDAY, and to tell ya the truth, if you enter, your chances to win would be pretty damn good. Enter now!

Good luck!
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