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aLp 339: Predsploitation

Late again, jiggity jig! Power outage on my block; my kids' 5th birthday; Toy Story 3. That's all I have to say about that!

Back to the storyline next week, but for this week:


When I first heard they were making this movie, I wrote: "Honestly I’m not sure we need more movies about (I’m guessing) Predators, but I won’t be complaining, as long as it’s actually half-decent." That's still the way I feel, and whoa, it looks like it might actually be half-decent, at least according to the reviews. So even though I waited for both AvP's 1 and 2 to come out on video before I saw 'em, I'll be catching Predators tomorrow when it opens.

What about you guys? Are you pumped, or are you PUMPED? (Third option: are you not pumped?)

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