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aLp 343: Living Museum - bernieh
aLp 343: Living Museum

Edit: If you're completely lost at the last panel, here. I just LOOOOOVE explaining jokes!

Hey guys! Another comic that took me forever to do! I dunno if you've ever tried rendering a happy, believable squirrel in high-res, but it's pretty time-consuming.

Quick reminder to please consider ordering my latest print, Abe at the Dentist. As nice as it looks on the screen, it looks TOTALLY BEAUTIFUL as a huge 17"x11" print. Thanks!!

Lastly I'm gonna be at Webcomics Weekend in Easthampton, MA, on November 6-7, along with every one of your favorite webcomic artists. Literally. Get your tickets fast before it's too late, and I'll see you there, all right!
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hotclaws From: hotclaws Date: September 24th, 2010 04:30 am (UTC) (Link)
Used to be a librarian,so I lolled a lot.
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