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aLp 345: Speed Dating 20 - bernieh
aLp 345: Speed Dating 20

Speed Dating break! I'm off to Webcomics Weekend so gotta keep this short.

First of all, obviously, you'll notice something different about this Speed Dating strip... that's Erin, who was the first to answer this general casting call I put up a few months ago. Erin stars in this YouTube film "Jedi Girl", directed by her friend and aLp fan, Charley Brown. Check it out (disclaimer: I haven't watched it myself yet but it looks fun)!

After you get over the initial shock over the change, let me know in the comments if you like the idea of human Speed Dating dates for Abe, or not. KEEP IN MIND that for Erin and all other humans I may use in aLp, BE NICE.

p.s. In terms of the casting call, I'm only accepting females for Speed Dating at this time - other casting would be too much of a hassle right now. If you think it'd be cool to see yourself or your friend or your sister in a Speed Dating strip, drop me a line! Thanks!
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