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Home again, home again, jiggity jig or whatever that means!!!

GRRAARGH is probably how you all feel too, since I took last week off and with today's update it's still not clear where (when) the hell we are (or is it). Lemme say this about the current storyline if you haven't heard me say it before... I KNOW IT'S TAKING FOREVER AND I'M SORRY. I wrote a few more words about this and put it in a blog post here.

Anyway I was on vacation with my beautiful wife and kids all last week and it was epic. Still catching up with things but my batteries are recharged and all that. See you next week.
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A day late, and I don't know if any of this makes any sense! Anyway, here!
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So yeah, Cash Cab... it's a fun little show on the Discovery Channel that I love because it's set in NYC, and the questions, host, and atmosphere are all nice and breezy. Also, I happen to know at least 7 people (that I'm aware of) who've been on it. Below, my pals Dave and Jen kick some ass:

I guess you wouldn't be surprised to hear that I'm nerdy enough to also be a semi-regular at a trivia night - though I'm not actually that good, I swear - and our team calls itself Cash Cab for Cutie. So add that all up and yeah, I've been waiting for a while now to do these comics.

Lastly, about George Carlin... the man was my hero. Watch his classic 7 Dirty Words bit again, if you haven't in a while.

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Unfortunately I don't have time to write much right now - I've got a date on the planet Pandora tonight (and believe it or not I'm not talking about Avatar, hmmm) - but here's this week's comic! Enjoy.

Thanks to Shari for getting me the Cash Cab footage I needed so quickly, and to my Wasteland Wednesday crew for helping me work out the punchline.
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More on that next week when we get our trivia / time-travelin' on.

In case you missed it, I posted this Casting Call last week. Since I actually don't have a whole lot of time to be re-mastering a whole bunch of episodes - believe it or not - I think I'm mostly looking for girls who want to sit across from Abe on Speed Dates. But I'd still like to hear from all interested parties for all parts listed! Come one, come all! Unless you're scary.
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Bong water is classified as an illegal, controlled substance in Minnesota, so... be sure to drink up!

I was at a little show over the weekend called Wild Pig Con in Springfield, NJ, and I had the pleasure of hanging out with some great people, including the folks that own the comic shop that lends its name to the show. Got to hang out with the ever-lovin' Danielle Corsetto and meet her fella Chris, who seems to be a swell guy! I owe Danielle 10 bucks, which she'll get only if she can catch me.

Also got to meet Randy Milhollhand of S*P, who went and did a sketch of Ma for me and you (left). Good guy! Yeah, for real. There was also Jason, Joe and Phil, Ami, Claire, Brian, David, David and Steve, Gary, Bill, Jamie, Ross, and Dern... all good peoples.

I thought that I'd try to get a second 3-paneler up for you on Friday to make up for last week, but who am I kidding, right? Still picking my battles in the constant war against my schedule. If lightning strikes I'll do a new comic for Friday; otherwise next week. I do have a new blog post coming soon so look out for that.

Love you all.
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Not only the best word ever, but also the best superhero power ever.

Hey, it's Ma and Theo. What?

Fwiw, I'd written Ma into the story months ago, and it's just a coincidence that she's landing just in time for Mother's Day. I think that makes up for the fact that I was still doing Christmas-themed comics in January.

Lastly, remember:

Buy the new print!

Now available at TopatoCo!

More info at this blog post. Thanks!
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Hello friends! Buy the new print!

Now available at TopatoCo!

More info at this blog post. Thanks!
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If You See Something... Buy It

Hey, that new print that I debuted at MoCCA is now available for you at TopatoCo!

Based on this fan favorite episode, completely re-shot in super high-res and starring a real girl human (the lovely/talented/extremely dangerous Carly Monardo), this beauty is a generous 11"x17", printed on super high quality paper and guys, it is gorgeous.

Suitable for framing, as Kristy demonstrates here! FYI the signature you see on her print isn't available if you order online; you'd have to find me in person for that (either at a con, or in my cardboard hut outside Port Authority).

Please support me and order yourself one today! A lot of you said you wanted one so don't make me track you down. Carly rode the G train for you guys.


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Bonus: yesterday's strip with alternate last panel.

Original: http://alienlovespredator.com/?id=330
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