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aLp 340: Future Shock - bernieh
aLp 340: Future Shock

Imagine allll the people... sharinggg all the girls

GEEZ LOUISE this took forever to do. It's probably the episode that's taken the longest for me to finish, like, ever. Congratulations to me, still raising the bar for eating up all my time and being late. Good ol' Bill Clinton's fun to write - Abe may be horny and a bit kinky, but Bill's just a hardcore sleazebag - but man is he tough to render. He didn't show up for our scheduled shoot this week, so I had to settle for random footage of him I found on the internet!

I'm not gonna have time to do up a proper Predators review, but here's my quick impressions. Unfortunately, I thought it was pretty lame. In a nutshell, it felt like a lesser director re-made Predator, basically. There wasn't anything new. Execution aside, at least all the other A/P/AvP movies tried to bring something new to the table - underwater Aliens! Predator Takes Manhattan! I get that they were trying to go retro with this, but they went too far and just made a lame version of Predator.

I don't wanna bum you out or stop you from seeing it; obviously there's plenty of people and critics who liked it. In a complete vaccuum I would've probably liked it too. But when everyone in the world already knows what a Predator looks like and what it does, it's understandably hard to make a new movie where the characters spend half the time wondering what they're up against. Say what you want about AvP and AvP:R, but at least they were chock full of fun moments.

So what'd you think?
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