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aLp 342: Abe at the Dentist - bernieh
aLp 342: Abe at the Dentist


Here's a new print I made that will be available to order from TopatoCo soon! I'll also have it at SPX next weekend.

That's right, remember, I'll be lounging around at the TopatoCo table at SPX in Bethesda, MD, next weekend (Sep. 11 & 12). I'll have the new print, the If You See Something print, and some t-shirts for sale. Hope to see you there!

AND also, again, the weekend after that (Sep. 18 & 19) I'll be at Wild Pig Con in Springfield, NJ... this one's hosted by a local shop that's having a huge 50%-off sale on their comic books, so if you're a comic book fan you won't wanna miss it.

I know it seems this site's come off the rails a bit but I'm still here and more new comics are coming real soon. Promise!

Oh yeah, and I know I owe you that "alternate punchline" for the last comic. That's coming too. Blurg
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