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aLp 346: You Weren't Supposed to See This - bernieh
aLp 346: You Weren't Supposed to See This

This is officially the longest I've ever spent on the artwork for a single episode, ever in the history of ever.

For the record, it's Abe that enjoys videos of skateboarders crashing groin-first into poles - not me. Here are two of his favorites: OUCH, NNGGHH

You might have noticed I finally added links below to the comic to the merchandise I have for sale on Topatoco... please consider buying; I could use the support! I also have this special offer where if you order a shirt and send me your receipt, I'll send you a free fridge magnet! WOTTA DEAL! Keep in mind, if you're gonna be ordering for holiday gifts, Topatoco has these ordering deadlines.

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